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Harmony to relax your mind, chords to please your ears and rhythm to bring a new enthusiasm, the choice is Shana Musicals for any events.

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Welcome to Sahana

From Wedding Functions to Birthday Parties or Corporate Events to Musical Functions,
We offer full range of Events Management Services that scale to your needs & budget.

Great Services

For any event in your family or office or among friends, we at Shana give you the best service by sending our music team with instruments.
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Great People

Our music team not only are good musicians, but also involve in the event and are courteous.
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Great Ideas

From birthdays, Anniversaries, parties and weddings, we have wonderful ideas and themes. You simply have to pick and enjoy the event.
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Events Services

We make your events smart & impactful by personalised event management services


Just choose this for any group of people and we have many customizing options with our music experts who will make your event great and memorable.


Dance Trops

Along with music, we also ignite the event with a spark of Dance Events and you can talk to us to learn more.


Star Events

To make the event the best of best, we also have experience in conducting Star events with a celebrity.


Stage Events

If you have a STAGE that is arranged for a Grand Event, we have our world class musical instruments with effective speakers and a team suitable for this kind of experience.



For youth and college functions or any kind of functions, nowadays it will not become complete without a DJ. We have an DJ who will involve and understand the crowd and have many songs to pick from out of the picks from the audience. Don’t miss it.


Inflim adds

We have the creativity in doing Infild Ads with our experienced teams. We have many categories based on your requirements and plans. Our customers are happy with our service so far.


Corp Events

Of all the hardwork the employees have given to the corp, it is time to give it back in a form of relaxation to boost their energy and feel satisfied. Call us and book corp events.



Choose the one that fits your environment with the variety of backdrops we have that is pleasant to your eyes.


Lights and Sounds

Our sound systems are classic and digitized to meet the modern day requirements and meets the standards of sound with crystal clear clarity. The fun and experience you get is awesome and hope you also experience this.

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Sahana Grand Events

These are our unique ideas and concepts for Grand Events and do reach out to us to learn more.

With a full range of Event Planning Services, our Clients have Successful & Prosperous Events!

We make your events smart & impactful by personalised event management services.